Why Us?

NATURAL - Made from pure coconut shells and it does not contain chemicals, scrap wood, petroleum, mineral coal and toxic.

CLEAN-BURNING - After ignition, its nothing but pure heat. Get real barbecue flavor without propane gas or petroleum affer taste. Use it instead of firewood in your outdoor.

CONVENIENT & HANDY - Neatly packed in carton boxes and easier to stack or carry than briquette bags.

SAFE STORAGE - Stock up without worries as it does not contain chemicals or health hazards which can contribute to self firing. We have analysis and certificates for self heating test at 140 degrees Centigrade.

SHAPES & SIZES - We offer various types of shapes and sizes such as Hexagonal, Tubular and Honeycomb. We can also produce other shapes depending on your need.

ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY - Made from renewable and recycled coconu shells without deforestation or cutting of trees. It is also 100% chemical free and natural.